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mojave_wolf's Journal

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My pack and I live way out in the desert, surrounded by Joshua Trees, creosote bushes, sage, cacti, and all sorts of wildlife. I'm a very pro-choice feminist, and overally consider myself a progressive green/liberal/libertarian mix. I'm ever more passionate about politics as I get older because I'm ever more convinced that politics and political systems are going to determine the future of the world, which seems pretty dicey to me at this point in history. Other than my pack (myself, my soulmate, and our canines) and other persons of immediate personal concern, the environment and civil rights are what I care most about, and all sorts of sciences fascinate me, since I believe at least a passing understanding of a number of them is necessary to making the right decisions about how best to save the environment and expand civil rights. Spirituality almost seems like it should fall under the heading of "science" to me, but to the extent that it doesn't, it also seems inextricably intertwined with all of the things I've mentioned above, and with the arts, which is my other passion.

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