mojave_wolf (mojave_wolf) wrote,

Live if you want to, die if you like or, the Synchronicity of YouTube

One person just retuned to post YouTube vids, another just posted about a life changing experience watching YouTube vids.

So, here are three things that YouTube unexpectedly gave me over the past few weeks, from the "WTF?? This really exists? Yes, but, whyhowwhy?"

(that would be the trailer for the movie horror movie "Handjob Cabin", which is EXACTLY what it sounds like, and which I shall not link to coz I need to go back to bed and I'm tired, but which trailer is kind of funny in a WTF???? This really exists?" kind of way)(synopsis for those really wondering: couples vacation in a cabin that is, alas, haunted by the ghost of a woman who fell out the window and died whilst giving a handjob, and thus feels the need to torture and kill everyone who spends the night in the cabin via the same method, and I don't mean falling out the window; and yes, as far as I can tell, this is not a joke trailer but a real trailer for a real movie that came out in 2015)


"Wow, wtf is it w/YouTube makingthe weird stuff show up lately? WhyMe? Tho hey, at least she is cute and not untalented, albeit the song is a wee bit repetitive"

(a music video called "Smoke Weed, Eat Pussy" by someone named Angela, iirc, and yes I'm still too lazy to look it back up, and the title composes the bulk of the lyrics, but, it's actually not that bad, tho a wee tiny bit repetitive in describing what she does all day, every day)

(and no, I had not been searching/viewing things which should have led these things to suddenly show up on my phone)


"WTF? Again? No really AGAIN? Wait ... this is good. Holy fuck, this is amazing!" followed by obsessive watching/listening to different versions of this song and a cajillion other songs by same band that the movie version was a cover of, plus watching a lot of scenes from this movie that I had previously ignored the existence of except to think "what a stupid title" and "how did that get made?" Someone obviously did a lousy job of publicizing that movie. From the absurd to the sublime; YouTube absolutely got it right w/my tastes and this one

That would be this (and my wtf came from the name of the band)(also, wow, too bad they never made a Dazzler movie; Brie Larson would have clearly been perfect for this, given her singing ability)(tho also, wow, Metric!!! Metric is awesome!!! Help I'm Alive is also getting repeated obsessive listening in addition to both their and the movie version of this song)(I'm still unsure of whether the movie is that great or not, tho all the female leads seem pretty amazing)(also, in one of the versions w/the opening mantra, missing from this one, alas, the perfect song to contact someone who's been missing)
Tags: angie, black sheep come home, clash at demonhead, metric, youtube

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