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Major spoilers for the last two eps of Game of Thrones. Read onward at your own risk.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Starting w/the ep before last, well, we wondered what had happened to Ghost. Now we know. Somehow, he survived. (so did, somehow, a fair chunk of Dothraki, last seen disappearing never to be heard from again while charging blind into the night snow against a supernatural army that put out all their torches; what, they ran off and came back after the battle was over?*) And no one bothered to tend his wounds, and Jon spent almost no time with Ghost before sending him off north of the wall, and didn't even give him a hug goodbye, just a long distance nod. This show is clearly NOT written by animal lovers, or even people who have any bond w/animals whatsoever. (if you now tell me they run an animal rescue, honestly, I won't believe you, but if they do, clearly, they ain't people who bond w/their animals, and if the claim love it's very much from afar and probably a false claim)**

We also found out the second dragon survived, only to die during an ambush because Dany still has learned nothing about protecting her dragons and while some people on her side have some strategic abilities, she ignores them all in favor of self-defeating paranoia, and it never occurs to ANYONE that Cersei might know they're coming and have a surprise waiting. Ye gods.***

THAT SAID . . . wow, for all my complaining about Dany, Varys actually manages to get me back on her side. And now on to the main event . . .

Okay, I'm actually offended on Dany's behalf. Varys again managed to push me further into her camp. And yes, I know that I said she had been showing signs of Targaryan instability, and she had been annoying the crap out of me, and we forget how young she is and she had all sorts of reasons to be annoyed by the aftermath in King's Landing, even if some of it was her fault (she did, after all, sidetrack herself from her main war to help out with the battle against the white walkers and the zombie army, she lost one of her dragons/children AND her most trusted advisor and one of her two best friends up there, before losing her other best friend in the aftermath of the ambush previous episode, during a peace parley, and for all this, no one was really thanking her a whole lot, it was all about Jon, and weirdly, not that much about Arya either, tho granted some of that was because she was avoiding talking to most people). But her suddenly being at say, level 3 of the mental illness/ power madness/ paranoi problematic, and suddenly ramping all the way up to a 10, instead of just being pissed off and taking it out on the ones responsible . . . and I get that Jon rejecting her due to their newfound closeness of kinship was merely the final straw on an already breaking back, but still . . . errr, I am annoyed on her behalf. To have everything won far more easily than she or anyone had any right to expect, and then to lose it and go around burning civilians and allies indiscriminately (and with a far more sustained assault than she gave to the keep w/Cersei and the Mountain in it, the people responsible for Missandei's beheading) . . . I am annoyed. I get there's a logical explanation, but I don't care for how it went down.

Re: the battle--no one thought to tell anyone that Arya and the hound were going in to take out Cersei, which could make the whole war thing unnecessary? Bad enough that Arya and Gregor didn't till the last second, but this failed to get relayed up the chain of command? WTF?

And then, Drogon dodges all the scorpion weapons which are suddenly wielded with AMAZING inefficiency on top of Drogon's/Dany's better avoidance abilities while flying, but wow that was easy. And yes, it was impressive. And yes, I was cheering (tho very annoyed that Euron jumped off his ship before it exploded in flames the destruction of the Iron Fleet and the walls of King's Landing. I was in agreement that the human shield tactic shouldn't be allowed to work. But... it didn't work, they weren't a shield, SHE HAD WON, so she burns them anyway instead of going after Cersei? THIS MAKES NO SENSE (yes I know she lost it, and she has clear symptoms of the family madness, BUT STILL)

And I have to go. Will write more on this post later. TTFN

*I loved the end of ep 3, but I frequently have major issues w/the writing of this show. I even frequently think the fact that these showrunners have jobs, as do the people who write The 100, while my screenwriting career came and went long ago, is a sign that I am a worthless human being and should off myself, that's how many issues I have w/the writing, tho the comparison to the writing on The 100 is what they should really be worried about. And yes, I know, the actually did a decent job initially, with adaption, for the most part, and adapting is a separate issue, and they're not completely incompetent and it was only when they left behind the source material and were left to their own devices that they started to suck and by that point we were all sufficiently invested that they could get away w/a lot of problems, but still . . .

**see previous comment about major issues w/writing of this show
***see previous comments about issues w/writing of this show


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