mojave_wolf (mojave_wolf) wrote,

Non-spoilery review of last night's Game of Thrones finale

While there were a few good scenes (and one REALLY well done sequence that was incredibly moving; if you saw it you know what I mean because it sort of stood out against the rest) and I liked the final disposition of at least one of the characters . . .

That was really, really BAD. If you care about logic or logical consistency or if you want things to make sense or your moralizing arguments to make sense, that was flat out inept.

One of the speeches one of the characters gave in an effort to be persuasive was actually offensive.

The length of time it took people to traverse distances continued to be nonsensical.

In sum, one more time: the people writing this show have great careers. My screenwriting career came and went with nary a splash. While one could muse on the injustice off the universe, one must wonder if I'm much worse than these people, and should off myself on the spot because there would just be no point in continuing. I mean wow. (yes, I know, I can think of lots of good things that I liked and never went anywhere by other people, and yes these people MOSTLY did a good job adapting the story when they still had the original source material to work with, with several GLARING exceptions, BUT STILL!!!)

(Note to Star Wars fans: I believe these people get to turn their original plotting and dialog skills to your franchise next! I haven't been deeply invested since the original three, but if I still cared, I would be miserable if this info is accurate)
Tags: a song of ice and fire, arya, asoiaf, bad writing, dany, drogon, game of thrones, george r.r. martin, grrm, jon, sansa, televsion, tyrion

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