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Adios and vaya con dios

Some live journals get deleted (why?) or just fade away, but since I'm never here anymore and not likely to be making many/any more posts, I thought I'd give this one a proper send-off.

First, apologies to all of you since, in every case, I haven't been leaving comments on entries in a very long time. I've been checking in a couple of times a month but actually saying anything just takes too much effort, as life has been one giant never-ending catastrophe. ("what does he mean by that?" dear hypothetical reader asks. "Extend one of the final destination movies over a period of months or years," I answer. "Eventually, you get worn down and things catch up to you.")

So, since I'm unlikely to have the energy for this place again any time soon, I leave anyone who still sees these entries on their friends page with the following links to good bye songs (sorry, can't remember how to embed, and, again, lack the energy):

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