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mojave_wolf's Journal

Genderfluid transbinary panracial polysyllabic omnisexual ace.

I abhor labels.

Preferred Pronouns: Zhrie, Mrrr, Snnl, Miyo, she, he, him, her, it, them, they, or whatever I happen to feel like at the moment. The correct pronoun varies frequently, and it is very important you get this right. Or serious trauma/death to me could ensue. If you can't tell at a glance which at any given time, whether in person or online from reading my keystrokes, then you clearly have a serious problem. If you ever dare misgender me you need to apologize profusely whilst crawling over broken glass and abstaining from food, drink or breathing until such time as I see fit to forgive you, or you die.

I am more oppressed than you, as I am the only one of my kind and no one understands me and any failure on your part to acknowledge my superiority could cause me to keel over dead, meaning you better get w/the program and follow my whim, unless you're a bigot and wannabe murderer.

Not really.

But if you like the person described above, or people you do like frequently talk in ways reminiscent of that, you probably want to look somewhere else. Or get therapy.

A real profile:

My pack and I live way out in the desert, surrounded by Joshua Trees, creosote bushes, sage, cacti, and all sorts of wildlife. Mostly left-leaning environmentalist who loathes mainstream democrats and most sjws.

Note to slightly revised profile: I wrote the last part of the last sentence above and a big chunk of what's below a couple of years ago when I was somewhat irritated with most people in general. While still a valid representation of my thoughts, it's worth noting that I don't actually hate everyone and generally try to avoid fights and make a strong effort to be agreeable, at least so long as I'm not overly frustrated and/or pissed off. I like most people in small doses as long as they're also making some effort not to be a jerk. I just have a somewhat misanthropic view of humanity and think most of you are deranged on one thing or another.

Anyway, I don't think you're all pathetic or evil, though it might sound like this below (and again, I'm comfortable enough with the following to leave it up intact, fwiw)(and add a few things, coz might as well get this out of the way):

Actually, if there's one thing the 2016 election cycle has proven it is that most "liberals" and Democrats are every bit as pathetic and delusional as they routinely (and mostly accurately) accuse Republicans of being. If you support the establishment of either party, I can safely say either you are very ignorant or a complete moron. Unless you wish the entire world to die for all time, in which case, your support of current status quo leadership is right on track and you can congratulate yourself on helping corporate greed and shortsighted stupidity destroy every living thing on the planet.

OTOH, I think most of my fellow lefties are nuts as well. (and if you are offended by me saying people are nuts, as in crazy, well, you can leave. I don't hate people w/mood disorders or mental illness, the majority of my friends probably have mood disorders and a big chunk of my family, but I'm not going to worry what new thing someone can find to get offended about)(also, seriously, I don't care about your pronouns. If you want me to refer to you as Zrie, if I like you, i'll try to remember but you're probably in the wrong place).

Trump is a scumbucket but the Russia shit is crazy McCarthyism and not doing anything except distracting from real issues and, probably, unintentionally helping Trump. It's frightening to me that the media is willing to do something this obvious, that the Dems are, and that so many are so easily manipulated. I know most people don't have the time/energy/desire to keep up with and analyze everything, but c'mon, you might as well get your news from InfoWars as jump on this bandwagon.

Speaking of popular delusions, no, cops are not gunning down unarmed blacks willy nilly in the street. Not your fault for believing this, it's the fault of media reporting designed to keep people at each other's throats and outraged about the wrong problems while igonoring the real ones. Blacks make up a quarter of the people shot by cops each year (and most of those shootings are of armed people, and most are justified, which isn't to say some aren't and that there isn't a huge problem w/an overly militarized police force, both in recruiting and training), which is substantially more than their percentage of the population but substantially less than the percentage of their encounters w/police or involvement in violent crime. Poor people are most likely to get screwed in all of this, and black people are disproportionately likely to be poor, but police are actually less likely to do something awful to you if you're black, on a percentage encounter. And most cops are actually decent people, and most arrests/traffic stops are not any more problematic than they need to be. Again, there are problems, (frequently, truly horrific make you want to scream or cry problems) but they are not what people think they are.

I don't get angry at anyone misinformed about the stats in the preceding paragraph, because not their (your?) fault. The media does a great job of misdirecting people. On the other hand, there are things I do get angry about.

Example: If you think the world will be just dandy with twice as many humans in it at present, you're either willfully delusional or a complete idiot. We have too many people NOW, and that should be glaringly obvious. If you think all discussions of population control have a racial basis, you are DEFINITELY a willfully delusional moron who is more concerned with waving the appropriate identity politics flag than whether every single species on this planet dies. If this offends you I don't care.

Likewise, if you're a lefty who thinks Christian fundies are the worst of the worst but Muslim fundies have a wonderfully tolerant society that we all need to learn from, you have a serious deficit in critical thinking skills, or are some sort of committed identity politics dipshit. Whichever, you're an idiot. (possibly needed note: I don't hate Christians or Muslims. I have friends in both camps, though I'm sort of an agnostic/pantheist in the sense of thinking all life and possibly all things have a spark of the divine in them, whatever that means. I used to be a Christian, and seriously considered going to seminary when I was younger. That said, from the Quiverful crazies to the FGM camp, much evil is done in the name of religion. More and worse in the name of some than in others.)

Yes, I believe trans people should be free of being discriminated against, and free to live their lives without people harassing them or denying them jobs, housing etc. And no, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But NO, a biological male who suddenly decides he "feels like a woman" should NOT be allowed to compete in women's sporting events, ESPECIALLY if he has taken ZERO steps to transition. That's like Brock Lesnar deciding he "feels like a welterweight" and showing up at 300 lbs to challenge Tyrone Woodley.

Somewhat more obviously, HELL NO a convicted male rapist or multiple murderer of women should not get to decide he's really a woman and go to a woman's prison. Men should not self-ID into women's shelters. There is no such thing as a female penis and lesbians don't have to hang w/people who claim to have them. EVERYONE is non-binary. No one perfectly fits stereotypes. Gender roles and stereotypes are mostly stupid and what so many of us have been fighting against all these years, now you wanna enshrine them as hallowed? My fellow lefties, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

If you think you're doing a great service to the world by harassing someone unto the ends of the earth because they phrased a sentence in a way that someone somewhere could possibly find a particular interpretation of offensive, I don't want to know you.

If you don't like anything I'm saying here and wish to shun me because of it, more power to you. Please do. It will be difficult for me to survive being shunned by people I don't want to know or associate with, but ... somehow, I will survive.

To be clear: I'm very much on the left, and very much despise a huge chunk of online lefty activists, and I am horrified that such thinking has spilled over from the online lunatic fringe into real life mainstream thought. They make me despair for the future of humanity and more worrisome, for the future of the rest of the world, which looks really dicey.

This does not mean I will like you if you are conservative. I know and like quite a few conservatives in real life, just like I know and like a lot of lefties in real life. But most online conservatives are as delusional and/or wrongheaded and/or mean-spirtedly tribalistic as what I've just described, just about different things. So I probably won't like you either, but there are just fewer of you on livejournal so I'm not wasting energy detailing why I don't like you.

(Just added: Or, you could think either Hillary or or Trump or friggin Ted Cruz is an ideal choice to lead the good ol US of A, and we might still be great friends. I have friends who think all of these things, and, well, we are still friends. So maybe you can ignore all that other stuff. Though these sorts of worldviews DO make hearts and flowers less likely)

OTOH, if you too are a lefty environmentalist who views climate change as the greatest threat facing the world today but would otherwise view fighting the pro-corporate screw the working class surveillance state as a prime challenge, appreciates the magic and beauty of everyday life, and loathes pro-oligarchy dems and pro-status quo sjws and despises the existence of the always-looking-for-new-semantic-outrages brigade, and loves Les Miserables, Neuromancer and Altered Carbon, or poets like Byron and Plath, or the nature writings of Abbey or Muir, or TV shows like Westworld, Better Call Saul, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Caprica, the first two seasons of Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Arrow (added later: Make that pre-s5 Arrow. S5 Arrow sucked), Black Sails, Daria, 13 Reasons Why or Mr Robot, we'll probably get along.